Advice For Healing from Narcissistic Abuse Mental Health

Advice For Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

A relationship with a narcissist is an emotional roller coaster that can leave you feeling completely unsure of yourself and highly vulnerable. If a decision has been made to end the relationship, whether by you or the narcissist, this is an opportunity for you to self-reflect and begin a journey of re-evaluating yourself in a […]

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How Does The Grey Rock Method Work? Mental Health

How Does The Grey Rock Method Work?

Picture a dull, lifeless rock devoid of color and features. Perhaps with the exception of geologists, it doesn’t hold any charm and is unextraordinary and uninteresting to most of us. The grey rock is a metaphor for what we should temporarily become if we want to control our interactions with a narcissist and persuade them […]

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A grudge only makes your heart heavier Mental Health

The Grudge: How to Let go.

Holding a grudge is like letting someone live in your mind rent free. Image source: broken_isnt_bad Forgiveness. It’s a concept we all know we should extend to others, but it’s easier said than done. Today we discover how we can find freedom through forgiveness. When I used to think forgiving others, I always had a […]

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Mental Health

The Clearest Sign of Mental Health

Am I mentally sick, can be the question? Every healthy character learns to ask the sort of question, as is the anomaly this is fitness and sick-fitness. Now, let’s be crystal clean about what this paradox is set. Let me use myself as an instance. The times I have been most unhealthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, […]

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The Good And Bad About Trauma Bonding Mental Health

The Good And Bad About Trauma Bonding

Relationships can be difficult on their own even when the world around the couple presents no additional challenges. However, when one or both partners suffer from mental illness resulting from trauma, it can lead to more complex relationship bonds that may or may not be entirely healthy. What is Trauma Bonding? Trauma bonding, in the […]

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