How to Create a Facebook Ad

How to Create a Facebook Ad

How to Create a Facebook Ad

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook rules supreme. Therefore, successful Facebook ads are critical to the success of any business. Facebook advertising is generally the cheapest and most easily tracked form of online advertising. In addition, they are fully customizable! This gives you a lot of control over your ads, but you need to know what you are doing if you want a successful Facebook ad. Otherwise, you can waste your money. In fact, small businesses are using Facebook to increase sales. Below is a screenshot of a Facebook advertising campaign for an ecommerce store that generates 152 purchases through Facebook ads. And, best of all, they spent just $ 3.42 to acquire each new customer.

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Facebook Ads Manger

You can create a paid ad on Facebook using Facebook Ads Manager. Once you enter this page, you will see a display dashboard where all your campaigns, ad sets, and advertisements will be listed, including results driven for your Facebook page. This dashboard will remain empty until you have created an advertisement for your Facebook page. To create a new campaign, ad set, or ad via Facebook Ad Manager, tab on the ad type you want to click on the green “Create” button to the left of these ad types, as shown below. is. You can see from this screenshot that we are currently ready to create a new campaign.

Select Objective

Facebook’s advertising manager, like many social media advertising networks, is built with your campaign objective in mind. Before you begin, Ad Manager will prompt you to choose an objective for your campaign: There are 11 different purposes to choose from. The list includes everything from general brand awareness to installing your app, increasing traffic to your online store. By selecting one of these objectives, you are giving Facebook a better idea of ​​what you want to do so that they can present you with the most favorable advertising options. As shown in the screenshot above, Facebook’s advertising options include:




Objectives that generate interest in your product or service:

Boost your posts

Promote your page

Reach people near your business

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase your reach


Objectives that make people start thinking about your business and look for more information about it:

Send people to a destination on or off Facebook

Get installs of your app

Raise attendance at your event

Get video views

Collect leads for your business

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Objectives that encourage people interested in your business to buy or use your product or service:

Increase conversions on your website

Increase engagement in your app

Get people to claim your offer

Promote a product or catalogue

Get people to visit your shops

Create Audiences to Target Users

With the Audience Tool, you can create and save audiences that are most relevant to your brand. To access this tool, open Business Manager, click the menu icon at the top left, and choose the Audience option from the Assets column. A custom audience is based on customers acting with your brand, such as interacting with your Facebook page. An engaging audience uses artificial intelligence to create an audience that is like the ones you already recognize. In other words, a viewing audience finds people who resemble the audience you created. A saved viewer is an audience of people who share certain behaviors, interests or demographics. If you are starting a local business with Facebook advertising, a saved audience can be a good way to start showing targeted ads.

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Decide where you want to run the ad

What is useful with Facebook is that your ads are not just limited to Facebook but can also appear on other Facebook-owned assets such as Instagram and Messenger, and on other mobile apps through the Facebook Audience Network.

Set your budget

This is the stage you define the cost of your advertising campaign. Cost can be defined by either the total amount you spend, or the cost of each result obtained from advertisements. The success and cost of your advertising depends on the ad auction and how your ad performs for your target audience and their interests. An auction is when someone is eligible to see your ad. If you are unsure of how the auction bid works, you can set them to be automatic when creating your campaign. If you are wondering how to ensure that you do not exceed your budget, you can set some limits for your campaign. You can enter a daily or lifetime budget to define when your campaign should stop.

Create your ad

What do you want your ad to look like? It all depends on your original purpose. If you want to increase the number of clicks to your website, Facebook’s advertising manager will suggest click to website advertising options. Makes sense, doesn’t it? This advertising option is divided into two formats: link and carousel. Essentially, this means that you can display either an image ad (link) or a multi-image ad (carousel) with three to five scrolling images at no additional cost.



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